System Design

Media Multi-Com specializes in taking our clients system requirements from high-level concept to tailored solution ready for deployment. Whether you are looking to enhance your nurse call replacement with modern communications and custom workflow strategies, develop a video-conferencing solution for a multi-user environment or create an integrated security solution to protect your assets, we can help. Our team of system design experts will consult with you and your organizational stakeholders to assess needs, identify potential technology options that meet the requirements and recommend alternative solution approaches to manage budget constraints.

Communication systems/security system design themed photo, two people gesturing and marking over building drawings of CCTV and security camera locations.


Media Multi-Com’s installation team takes great pride in the quality of their workmanship and ensuring an exceptional client experience throughout the various stages of deployment. Our installers are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of installation best practices and use proactive strategies to help minimize disruption to your daily operations wherever possible. Given the critical nature of the systems provided by our company we emphasize installation planning, the use of high-quality materials, consistent communication with stakeholders and attention to detail, as being paramount to any successful system implementation. Through these high standards our clients benefit from systems that look great, are straightforward to maintain and built to stand the test of time.

Communication systems installation themed photo, a man on a ladder wiring/installing wires and/or ethernet/lan network cables at a hub or server room.


Technology plays a central role to the daily operations and productivity of most modern organizations, therefore minimizing system downtime is crucial. Media Multi-Com employs a team of factory trained service technicians who are experienced and highly effective in resolving periodic system issues that may arise. To further enhance the level of service for our clients, we offer 24/7 onsite support for critical life safety systems such as nurse call and invest in secure remote access technologies to minimize truck rolls and ensure the fastest response times possible.

Tech communications installation themed photo, a man in a hardhat with wires and a testing device.